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About our classes...


Drama Classes can benefit all children, teaching them wonderful skills that they can carry through life and put to use in many areas. Drama explores emotions, creativity, spontaneity and self expression as well as nourishing the imagination. It can teach a child to ‘think outside the box’, which is a great skill for success in future endeavours.

You will find that drama helps children to think on their feet and helps them to both stand out from the crowd and to work within a group. Perhaps one of the most important skills it brings is an increased level of self confidence, plus the opportunity to make friends outside their usual circuit. A drama exercise, whether it be a fun, creative game or a solid piece of acting, will give your child a platform to really come out of themselves and nurture their own imagination.

Teaching your child how to be part of a group is another benefit of drama, and how to work with other children within that group. Team work primarily teaches children to work well together; to consider the ideas and thoughts of others, sometimes sacrificing their own ideas for those of their peers, and can develop communication skills.

A versatile hobby, drama should bring fun and enjoyment to your child’s life, and in the drama classes here at Northern Dance Centre there is no pressure; the environment is informal and the teaching both positive and inspiring.

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