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Contemporary Dance

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Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance stems from the core of the body and uses elements of contraction, release, spiral, falls, recovery and improvisation. This evolving style has become one of the most dominant genres for dancers throughout the world.

It has its roots in the 20th Century, when American dancers rebelled against the strict rules of ballet in order to develop a more natural way of dancing. Always changing and ever-evolving, contemporary dance techniques encourage creative freedom and artistic expression.

The ISTD Contemporary Dance Syllabus was created by Dr Ross McKim, well known dancer, choreographer, philosopher, and Artistic Director of the Rambert School from 1985-2015.

The syllabus aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of Contemporary dance technique and performance by approaching different movement themes at each level, specially created solos and the inclusion of structured improvisation to enable students to explore, develop and create their own movement vocabulary.

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