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ballet classes in skipton

Classical Ballet

About our classes...

Classical Ballet

We hold classes in RAD and ISTD Ballet and the long-established syllabi complement each other.

The ISTD classical ballet style and syllabus is based on the teaching of the French School at the Paris Opera. The first syllabus was written in 1913, and it has evolved to promote the English classical ballet style and to address the changing needs of ballet dancers today. Focusing on encouraging a sound basic technique and an understanding of musical interpretation it provides the essentials of a pure classical training.

ISTD and RAD Ballet exams are designed to provide a sense of achievement for children and young adults who dance for fun as well as those wishing to progress to a career in classical ballet. All of the exams aim to build a child’s technical ability and understanding of the technique, whilst developing an innate sense of poise, grace, musicality and a joy of dance.

The vocational exams (Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced One and Advanced Two) provide a sound and well-constructed development of technique and artistic quality, and are designed to enhance and enrich the training of both students wishing to dance professionally, and those wishing to enter the teaching profession.

A popular addition to the timetable is the RAD’s Discovering Repertoire syllabus, which is a classical ballet performance programme, an innovative new concept in training and assessment. a fun and creative addition or alternative to the RAD’s vocational syllabus.

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