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Dance Classes For Adults

About our classes...

Dance Classes For Adults

The essentials of good stance, full use of body muscles and breathing encompassed by all forms of dancing provides life-long health benefits.

It is never too late to enjoy these benefits, and a dancing community is a healthy community. The social aspects of dance open the opportunity for friendship for those of all ages. The intellectual disciplines of learning the techniques and training the body to move as the mind dictates induces discipline in all one does.

It is universally recognised that dancing plays a major role in the health of the population. Dancing competes well with swimming as one of the two leaders in achieving awareness and self enhancement, these facts are established by research conducted by the National Consumer Survey and supported by numerous research programmes into leisure activities.

Adult Ballet  –  7.30-8.30  – Tuesday evenings

Newcomers and Beginners are always welcome! There is no registration fee, no membership fee, no booking fees, no need to book or pay in advance, just come along any Tuesday during term time!

The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Movement And Dance

A new report, The Social Value of Movement and Dance to the UK, published by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, demonstrates the impact that dance has in helping to create a healthier and happier nation.

Among the areas explored are the increasingly well-acknowledged mental and physical benefits of movement and dance for individuals, along with the perhaps more surprising positive effects it can have for tackling anti-social behaviour in communities.

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